Rotary Club of Warwick is always seeking new members. Contact our club for advice on joining and in regards to the many events we support.

The commitment of our members contributes toward a healthily functioning community through direct involvement.

We are aware that the shift in the dynamics of work/family balance, and the philosophy of sharing the most precious commodity we have – our time – has somehow slipped into the background of public consciousness.

And with it, the satisfaction that comes from community service.

There is a club in Warwick that addresses that. It's called ROTARY.

Most citizens have heard the name; it's been around for over 100 years now. It is just as dynamic these days as it was when first created. ROTARY has contributed to countless communities around the world for an entire century. It functions on the well-oiled wheels of the dual philosophies of Humanity in Motion, and Service above Self.

However, don't be alarmed. ROTARY is not all about giving; in fact, it's so not all about giving that it takes your breath away. Rotary is also an avenue for networking and camaraderie.